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Partner With Us

Partnership Programme

Focus and its worldwide partners have joined hands to bring together their expertise and global presence to offer customers, solutions that move business. Through a network of 27 branches in 17 countries across the world, we support a wide network of resellers, all working on the leverage principle (maximum benefits with little efforts) to support Focus solutions. Developers at Focus work in close coordination with stake holders to develop innovative ideas into fully functional commercial software solutions. Strategic partnerships encourage resellers to work on providing the local interfaces, lead generation, resources for installation and support of our solutions, while we focus on software design, development and customer support.

Inclusion of New GST Taxation system under Indirect taxes regime, has brought along not just new laws and rules but also abundant confusion among businesses around the new tax. Most of the Businesses are unaware of the implications of GST and its impact.

FocusLyte gives you a platform to be a part of the change as we bring to you a business opportunity with GST. All you need is to leverage it

The way we approach partnership is a very pragmatic and professional one: " we believe that succeeding together to satisfy our clients is what counts most ."

Focus Partnership Program Benefits

The Focus Partnership Program (FPP) offers all of the essential ingredients for success, including great discounts, training, technical assistance, marketing support and sales leads. The business benefits of the FPP are designed to help you provide your customers the maximum value of Focus Softnet Solutions. The FPP aims to enable private entrepreneurs and organizations to capitalize on the opportunities thrown open by technology advancements.

Partnering with FocusLyte, you can flourish your business with right and robust solution and expand your satisfied clientele. FocusLyte provides the opportunity to become a partner to make the GST migration and filing seamless for the end users. We are here to provide the best solutions to your clients and best deals to you.

Who can partner with us?

  1. Accounting Software Vendors for SME
    • Companies engaged in creating latest technologies designed to help businesses manage core business processes.
  2. Accounting software implementation companies for SME
    • Companies engaged in advising and implementing latest technologies so businesses can efficiently manage core business processes.
  3. Chartered Accountants/Lawyers
    • Chartered accountants and Lawyers who help businesses comply with regulatory requirements.
  4. Tax Consultants
    • Anyone looking to help companies meet their compliance requirement at the same time earn money while doing so.
  5. System Integrators

What the FPP Offers to your Business

Lucrative opportunities

Joining the FP Program allows partners to greatly increase their software and/or service revenues. The better a partner performs, the greater their financial benefits.


The FPP has framework to ensure the highest response and service levels for high-producing partners, while providing excellent assistance for all participants.


Both traditional reseller structure and lead referral-based structures are available, depending on your corporate charter.


Focus Softnet, Channel Development has consistently out-produced their targets year after year, so you can be assured of partnering with a winning team.


Whenever you need resources to assist customers during the sales cycle, Focus Softnet will provide immediate support, collateral, training, and inside product information to ensure maximum revenue is realized with every opportunity.

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